Wednesday, March 07, 2007

why nepotism is bad 

President Bush makes a mighty persuasive argument about why Jeb Bush should never be elected president or vice president:
"We believe it ought to be up to the people" to "decide their fate, not the fate -- not to be decided because somebody is somebody's brother," he said.


Friday, January 23, 2004

More Democracy! 

Welcome to the national security state.

Bin Laden info 

This is interesting background information on Bin Laden.

The Big Government Party 

Its official, the Republican party is now the party of Big Government. If you want maximum spending and maximum borrowing, vote Republican.

A Love for Democracy 

In 2002 there was an attempted coup in Venezuela in which the democratically elected president Hugo Chavez was overthrown by a small group of elites led by rich businessman Pedro Carmona. There were reports that the Bush administration's cop on the beat Otto Reich and Elliott Abrams met with Carmona before the coup, and in fact the US was actively encourating the coup:




Some may claim the administration didn't encourage the coup; this is up for debate. However, it WAS openly reported in the NY Times and other US media that the Bush administration openly endorsed the coup when it happened. Anyone who has any knowledge of how the US operates in Latin America should not be surprised if the US was at least indirectly involved, and if Reich, Arbams and other similar people were directly coordinating it. Here is a quote from the CBS News article linked above:

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that senior Bush administration officials met several times in recent months with leaders of the coalition that ousted Chavez and agreed he should be removed from office.

The officials, however, gave conflicting accounts of the meetings. One unnamed senior official quoted by the newspaper insisted the Venezuelans use constitutional means to remove Chavez while a Defense Department official said the message was less categorical, saying U.S. officials sent "informal, subtle signals" that the Bush administration did not like Chavez

Friday, January 09, 2004

Atrios quoted me! 


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